Grants for Groups

Coaley has many small (and not so small) groups, aiming in their own way to bring villagers together and generally find ways of providing services and activities to improve village life. Coaley Parish Council shares these aims and wishes to encourage people by awarding small grants to get involved in activities that promote and develop the village as a sustainable, cohesive community.

To support us to realise this vision the Parish Council has agreed a Grants Policy to help make decisions about the sorts of activity we want to encourage. The policy aims to ensure that any decisions about funding applications are responsible, transparent and good value for money. It outlines the sort of activity we wish to support, including the provision of services for residents, improving recreation and / or sports facilities and improving the environment. It also covers the type of groups that can apply and the grant application process.

Although funds are limited the Council hopes that having a policy will encourage community based groups needing small grants, usually between £100 - £500.

The grant application form is below.