Coaley Community Orchard

Coaley Community Orchard is at Far Green.  Ten heritage apple and pear trees were planted in March 2021 and five more in 2022 so at the moment the orchard is in it's early stages. 

We are grateful to the CPRE Gloucestershire for a grant towards the cost of the trees.  The project funding has come from a Charitable Trust, matched locally by the Cotswolds Conservation Board, Network Rail and public donations.

We hope to add seating and other features to make the space a place for the community to enjoy.

The recent frosts don't seem to have done any harm to the trees and they are all showing new growth.

Perry pear blossom

Perry Pear Blossom


Tree varieties

The trees are heritage varieties, many of which are local Gloucestershire varieties.

orchard planting plan

Tree no Variety Rootstock
1 Welstead Pippin MM106
2 Holstein MM106
3 John Standish MM106
4 Worcester Pearmain MM106
5 Pitmaston Pineapple MM106
6 Cambridge Queening MM106
7 Egremont Russet MM106
8 Arlingham Schoolboys M26
9 Adam’s Pearmain MM106
10 Hunts Duke of Gloscester MM106
11 Merryweather Damson  
12 Gloucester Costard M25
13 Newton Wonder M25
14 Ashmead’s Kernel M25
15 Russet Perry PC


Many fruit trees including apples and pears are grafted on to a rootstock.  The variety of rootsock determines the size the tree will grow and may bring other benefits, such as disease or drought resistance.

MM106 grows to 3m to 4m tall.

M26 grows to about 3m tall.

M25 is a large tree of 4m to 5m.

PC is a perry pear rootstock that produces a very tall tree, 6m to 15m high.