Coaley Community Shop

The government's strategy for Covid 19 is that anyone over 70, and anyone with a new persistent cough or temperature must self- isolate. The supermarkets are making special arrangements to allow those over 70 to shop safely, but for those households with symptoms, some form of local food delivery will be necessary.

To help meet this need, the community shop is to open 9 a.m. until 12 mid day only, every day, and to provide for a local delivery service in the afternoons. At present we are receiving most of our usual supplies from our wholesalers (though not toilet rolls, of course), and so we hope to be able to continue something approaching our normal level of business, but in a more useful way.

If you would like to help in this endeavour, we need both people under 70 prepared to help in the shop, and anyone mobile to do local deliveries. To volunteer for the shop, please contact Jackie on 890596 or Brenda on 860558. For delivery volunteers, please phone Phil Sprague on 07767 384393.

To request a delivery please phone the shop on 899000 in the morning and we will deliver in the afternoon.

As the government's advice is updated you can keep up with any changes in the shop practice on the Coaley shop website or on facebook page at "coaley village community shop".